Victoria and Scott Edwards:

Working with Adam on our special day fully enhanced our wedding. People always say that you need a good photographer because you will look at these pictures for the rest of your lives. That's so true, but no one says that you need a good photographer that you can envision sharing your special day with. Your photographer is the guy who will be interacting with you, directing shots for you, and next to you during all the big moments. We definitely made the perfect choice by hiring Adam as our wedding photographer. He was so pleasant, kind, energetic, and humorous. He added to our wedding experience with his awesome attitude. Adam had a smile on his face the whole day and night, and got along with everyone he encountered. It felt like he was truly celebrating with us as he snapped away. And the pictures speak for themselves. Every person that's seen even just one picture from the wedding has been blown away. We loved working with Adam!

Thanks again for the amazing experience you gave us!!!

Kate and Sean Dennis:

What can I say? I have to admit. At first I was a big skeptic because my wife, Kate, knew Adam from high school and I didn't know much about his work. Adam beyond proved to me how wrong I was to second guess my wife. Since then I've learned to listen to her more often! Adam did an amazing job. He did our engagement session as well as our wedding photos. Going into our engagement shoot we were nervous about not feeling comfortable in front of someone who is just taking pictures of us but Adam made Kate and me feel so comfortable it was as if we forgot he had a camera. We could tell Adam was passionate about what he was doing because it felt like a relaxing hang out session with him. He was a great director and had the best ideas to get the best shots. At our wedding, Adam was in total control and was always open to ideas for photos from us. He never made us feel rushed or hurried at all. Adam really made sure we knew that it was OUR day and that we were the main focus. Adam made me a believer, 1000%. Looking back I would not choose a different photographer, ever. Our pictures from our special day are amazing. I honestly cannot applaud or praise Adam enough for the incredible job he did. Thank you so much, Adam!

Laura and Andrew Kreider :

Working with Adam before, during, and after my wedding day was absolutely amazing. The photography was one of the areas that I was pretty concerned with, because those photos are with you for life and are a testament to your wedding day and love for one another. Adam took any anxiety that I had away during our engagement shoot. He is incredibly professional, and has an eye for photography that is unlike anyone I know or have seen. He can take a normal, suburban street, and work the angles and light in such a way as to turn it into the most romantic place on earth. For my wedding day, all I had to do was show up. I told him what I was thinking, and it was as though he took a couple of words from my mouth and transformed it into everything I had hoped for and more. He captured every moment of my wedding day as it happened, and I am eternally grateful for his keen eye and sense of intentionality. With all of this said, I haven't even touched on what an amazing person Adam is to work with. He was with us throughout the entire day, and made us incredibly comfortable. He's a lovely human being, and let's be honest, you don't want just anyone taking pictures of you stepping into your wedding gown for the first time... it's an emotional experience! Adam has an amazing ability to remain professional, warm, genuine, and personable all at the same time. I have recommended Adam to every bride I know and will continue to do so. My brother and best friend have each hired Adam for their weddings next year after seeing his amazing work.

Thank you Adam! You know I'll be calling you when I have babies...